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B&T Brands & Trade

The company Brands and Trade Services is a business enabler for European manufacturers and brands. It establishes retail services and contact with investors and local store operators, and also offers services to monitor those relationships in an ongoing manner.

Our highly developed network and know-how in retail and retail real estate translate into comprehensive, transparent, all-inclusive solutions for developing your current markets and entering new ones.

Manufacturers incur only marginal cost risk, as Brands and Trade Services fees are based solely on performance. Furthermore, we provide manufacturers with individualized consulting and service for strategic, structured expansion management. Additionally, store operators and investors have the opportunity to access our know-how and experience to optimize the performance of their stores and retail concepts.

Our service

Being a service provider we have several service packages available in order to support you in your expansion. We would be pleased to talk about your individual requirements and demands.
Additionally, as far as individual services are concerned, such as intensive training seminars for on-site workers tailored to a brand's particularities, you can rely on our support.

An overview of your benefits

  • Comprehensive, high‐quality service due to many years of experience in retail and in retail real estate
  • Support in search for locations as well as in expansions, marketing, product inventory management systems, etc.
  • We supply regular reporting on the local PoS and target markets, as well as on contacts and progress
  • Consultation for product line‐up and organisation of training sessions for store management and personnel
  • Comprehensive on‐site controlling, realized by German-speaking staff
  • Payments and deliveries are performed directly between manufacturers and store operators
  • Professional experience in international retail and retail real estate
  • Conceptual, structured, and comprehensive work
  • Transparent cost structure. There are no kickbacks